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Meet The Team: Simon Romain, FX Artist on Othercide

By 10 juillet 2019 No Comments

Today we would like to introduce you to one of our team members, Simon Romain, who has been working as an FX Artist on Othercide these last couple of months. Without him, you would not have these amazing in-game special effects when you attack, move and... die!

What was your career like before working as a FX artist on Othercide?

Before working at Lightbulb Crew for this project, I was first working at PopcornFX as a FX Artist and then for Virtual Room in Paris where I developed a VR escape game.

What challenges do you face when working as a FX artist?

My biggest challenge on Othercide would be to make the effect quickly understandable by players with a short play time. Working with only black and white can also be challenging since each FX has to stand out from the level colors!

What is your main motivation about working on Othercide?

I am mainly interested in the production of gameplay special effects. It has to be powerful, understable and quick at the same time which is a tough thing to make. Moreover, with a strong art direction as we have on Othercide, the work on textures and shapes has to be done in a tricky way which makes it very interesting.

What are your main inspirations? Any FX artist or game you love out there?

I really like Diablo 3’s FX but also other stylized games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I like the work made on shapes on these projects.

Would you have tips to give to aspiring artists?

I think the most important tip which one can give to aspiring artists is to be curious. Making FX requires a lot of different skills such as drawing, 3D and programming, and each knowledge is important to create a good effect!

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