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Announcement: Partnership with Focus Home Interactive!

By 26 avril 2019 No Comments

Something lurks in the Dark Corner… Could it be an announcement?

As some of you already noticed, we have partnered up with Focus Home Interactive. And yes, it’s to publish Othercide!

This partnership will allow us to go further with the game now that we have an increased scope and budget for development to build the challenging and gruesome gaming experience we have always dreamed of! It also means that we won’t release Othercide this year – rather than going into Early Access, we will be fully developing the game and releasing some time during 2020.

“We are very excited to invite Focus Home Interactive to follow us on the dark and twisted journey that is Othercide! With their experience and knowledge of the video game industry, we will push the boundaries and break the rules of the tactical genre!”– Anders Larsson, CEO and Creative Director of Lightbulb Crew.

“We're delighted to join with the talented and passionate team at Lightbulb for the release of Othercide. It is a unique game with an incredible style and great gameplay. We cannot wait to see how our partnership can help the game meet its creative potential as we head into 2020. You're in for a treat!” – Dessil Basmadjian, Creative Director at Focus Home Interactive.

Thank you, folks, for the unbelievable love we received. Your support means a lot to us and this partnership with Focus won’t be changing how we talk to our community – we are looking forward to showing you more of Othercide in the coming months, so stay tuned!

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