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Othercide: The Year of 2019 And What Lies Ahead

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2019 was a very busy year for our team: from the production of Othercide itself to our presence at video game events and our partnership with Focus Home Interactive, we worked very hard to bring the best out of the game to the community. We had the chance to be supported by passionate players and other hardworking indie developers working on their own projects. Another year has started, and we can't wait for you to see how well the project is growing over the weeks. But for now, let's go back and reflect on all the things we accomplished last year.

Monthly Behind The Scenes And Development Updates

Early January, we decided to give players more insight on our creation process. Whether it is about the Daughters, the characters’ animations or the different environments in the game, it was very fun to sat down with people from the team who explained to me how they work on a daily basis.

Alexandre Chaudret – Art Director on Othercide – also encouraged artists to explain how they came up with the three Daughters archetypes: the Blademaster, the Soulslinger and the Shieldbearer. It went through different phases of reworks over time, to the final versions we have now in the game!

Now is going to be busier than ever since we have set to release Othercide this year. Still, we will try our best to give you fresh content every month so you are aware of what we are working on.

New Reveals

It was probably the biggest announcement we made last year! We decided to partner with the publisher Focus Home Interactive, allowing us to go further with the game thanks to an increased scope and budget for the development.

It meant releasing the game a year later, but most of all build the challenging and gruesome gaming experience we have always dreamed of!

We also revealed our partnership with Pierre Le Pape who composed ‘The Child Song’ for Othercide. He worked with several other talented artists from the metal music scene to bring it to life. You can listen to a 60-second sample of the track on our company’s Soundcloud!

Pierre Le Pape: “As a gamer and composer, I’m really glad and grateful to compose my very first video game soundtrack on such an ambitious and highly artistic project. These last months, I spent a lot of time in the dark Othercide’s universe and it’s been a fantastic experience to transcribe it in music and words.

I had the opportunity to work with great people and friends, I’m really proud of what we’ve done. I would like to thank all the people involved in this and, of course, Anders – CEO and co-founder of Lightbulb Crew – and Alex – Art Director on Othercide – for their support and incredible trust!”

Pierre Le Pape and Alexandre Chaudret, Art Director on Othercide

Meeting And Interacting With The Community

Last year was very exciting since it was our first time showing the game after its announcement at Gamescom 2018! The first event we attended was GDC where we showed a brand new trailer along with a new playable build to the press. Thank you to those who came by and wrote about Othercide!

Andy Chalk of PC Gamer: “The game’s red-slashed greyscale visual style is striking, but the combat is what it’s all about. Unique character abilities and the “Initiative Sequence System” will enable players to interrupt incoming attacks, set up delayed actions that will occur later in the turn, and respond to enemy threats based on reaction skills.”

Spencer Legacy from MonsterVine: “You should definitely choose your playstyle wisely though, as Othercide features good old-fashioned permadeath. If a unit dies, they’re gone for good, so you’ve got to be careful. This kind of punishment really keeps you on your toes, as I was for the entire demo.”

In October, we also were at Paris Game Week with several other indie developers at the Made in France’s booth. On this occasion, we had the chance to see players experience the game, talk with them and see how they felt after playing.

We even started to gather playtesters to get interesting feedback about gameplay features, sound design, balancing and other various elements of the game. In case you would be interested to join, feel free to fill out the dedicated form!

How Will 2020 Be?

Well, very stressful and exciting for sure as Othercide will be released soon. Nothing really changes for now: we have to keep working hard and have fun along the way.

For 2020, be sure we will tell you more about Othercide’s universe and lore that is filled with many secrets and intricate stories, as well as the talented artists we have in the team who deserve to be seen.

And we hope you’ll stay by our side until then!

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