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Othercide at GDC: a great experience!

From March 18-22, we were in San Francisco to attend the 2019 Game Developers Conference and show Othercide to journalists from all around the world. No need to say it was an incredible experience! Here is what you may have missed last week.

Our Journey at GDC

Othercide's booth at GDC 2019

Othercide’s booth at GDC with La French Tech & Business France

We had the chance to pitch the game at Game Connection and GDC in front of an audience and compete against other great indie games (congrats to Flux Games for winning with Talaka!). Getting feedback from passionate players helps us see how to make Othercide the best game it can be.

Anders Larsson pitching the game Othercide at GDC 2019

Our CEO Anders Larsson pitching Othercide at GDC 2019 (© GDC)

Othercide's pitch at GDC 2019

Othercide’s concept: “XCOM meets Dark Souls in Silent Hill” (© GDC)

But more importantly, we released a brand new trailer for the game, showing you the dynamic turn-based combat system set in a dark and corrupted dimension beyond our reality. You can see how our female warriors fight against nightmarish creatures to save humanity!

Overall, we had an opportunity to meet great people, talk to some amazing and insightful journalists and share our progress with them. We quote Andy Chalk of PC Gamer:

“The game’s red-slashed greyscale visual style is striking, but the combat is what it’s all about. Unique character abilities and the “Initiative Sequence System” will enable players to interrupt incoming attacks, set up delayed actions that will occur later in the turn, and respond to enemy threats based on reaction skills.”

We would also like to take a moment and reflect on the article by Spencer Legacy from Monster Vine who best described our hardcore gameplay:

“You should definitely choose your playstyle wisely though, as Othercide features good old-fashioned permadeath. If a unit dies, they’re gone for good, so you’ve got to be careful. This kind of punishment really keeps you on your toes, as I was for the entire demo.” – Thanks Spencer!

And of course, we had a great opportunity to meet some of our followers who came by our stand, played Othercide demo and had a good laugh with our team! Thank you all for being a part of our community!

We hope we will have the chance to attend other great events to showcase the game this year! In the meantime, don’t forget to follow us on social media to follow the development of the game and wishlist our game on Steam to support us.

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