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Back from Gamescom!

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Phew, back in Paris and the team is finally back at basically full strength. This is our first dev blog, now that we have started to tell people about Othercide, our upcoming game!
We hope to give you an idea about how Othercide progresses and what we are up to with this dev blog.

Anders Larsson, Creative Director on Othercide

Presenting Othercide At Gamescom

At an exciting Gamescom at the end of August 2018 in wonderful Cologne, we  showed off Othercide to a bunch of French and German journalists.

In order to properly introduce the game to the press, we decided to take their hands (not literally, we are not that intimate!) and guide them into the horrific and ethereal world of Othercide. Each walkthrough was followed by a Q&A sessions during which our Art Director and Lead Game Designer detailled what’s behind our dark and challenging tactical turn-based game.

Despite an approximate 45 meetings with journalists, we came back full of energy, as their response was so positive! Some of the things we heard them say right there in front of us were: “This is a clear Day 1 purchase”, “Othercide is the most interesting thing we saw at Gamescom so far”!

Now we are getting to the most challenging part, finishing the game in a way that it realizes all their and our own expectations.

We hope at Lightbulb Crew that you will want to follow us on this dark and twisted journey into the unique world of Othercide!

Check Out Our Announcement Teaser

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