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Gamescom Trailer: Making of

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Last week, fresh up to speed and back to work, we mentioned going to Gamescom to present a first peek of Othercide to the press. This week we wanted to share a little bit about how we made the trailer we used at Gamescom.

Anders Larsson, Creative Director on Othercide

In Othercide Gamescom trailer we wanted to achieve two things: communicate hints and ideas about the world of the game, as well as showing that Othercide is a tactical turn-based game. In the end we want players to dream about both the unique world we have developed and the experience of playing the game!

For the trailer we are relying on the characters and scenes produced for the game. We start off with a dark screen and a calm voice (of whom?), in order to pull the viewer into the mood of the world and the video. Then we come into a great set piece built up by our 3D modeler, Antoine, and our lead animator, Jérôme.

GIF illustrating how we created the Gamescom Trailer for Othercide

Editing our trailer

By first focusing on the face of the Gunslinger, we tried to build up more tension to prepare for the overall scene that gets revealed. This scene shows both how the characters in the game co-operate against monsters that look really dangerous, but also that these are not your regular monsters!

As the face is broken up like a mirror, we are giving a little glimpse about other threatening silhouettes. Don’t forget that, in Othercide, everything is connected and has a meaning…

Finally we wanted to tease you what it would be like to play Othercide even if it’s still early in our development.

For that we used snapshots from inside the game, trying to highlight the uniqueness of what we are trying to achieve.

We started by showing a quick zoom-in over the City, and then dive into the battlefield to show you what kind of tactical turn-based the game is. That’s why we left the user interface (UI) in place at the begining , so you have a glimpse of our Initiative Sequence System. Obviously the UI will evolve so we didn’t want to stay too focus on it (plus UI is usually not the sexiest part of a game).

GIF animation of the user interface of our game Othercide back when we were at Gamescom 2018

Our User Interface

One key thing we hint at is how the Initiative Sequence System works (the bar in the bottom of the screen), where you see that the players planned action will force the enemy to delay until later.

To conclude the trailer, we decided to show some badass attacks you can trigger so you can feel our intentions to create dynamics in every fight in order to deliver a compelling gaming experience for a tactical turn-based game.

GIF animation of the Dash attack of the Blademaster of our game Othercide coming from our Gamescom Trailer

We hope the Othercide Gamescom Trailer got you both imagining the world of the game and what it would be like playing it!

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