Game Features

Othercide is a dark and challenging tactical turn-based game about the sacrifices you must make to survive the relentless attacks of creatures trying to enter our reality.

  • The initiative Sequence System: experience a new way to anticipate your enemies’ moves in order to perform a flawless tactical plan. Use attack interruptions, crushing delayed actions and deadly reactions to win the battle!

  • Brutal gameplay: including roguelite features, merciless missions, limited resources, and permanent death. In Othercide every decision counts and comes with a sacrifice.

  • Memento mori: awake your warriors and unlock memories of a mystery past to access incredible powers or terrible traumas.

  • Endless war: try to survive as long as possible while facing intense battles against ruthless creatures. And remember, even in death, new truths are learned, and options arise as sacrifices bring you closer to success.

  • Striking monochromatic art style: with only dashes of crimson red, Othercide invites you in a black and white dimension between two realities where your worst nightmares come to life.