White version image of the logo of the game Othercide from Lightbulb Crew studio

Why the FAQ?

With the Othercide FAQ, our goal is to explain how we came up with the game idea and ultimately  build a strong core community. We will detail our processes about the artistic direction, level and game design or gameplay mechanics.

What is Othercide?

Othercide is a horror themed tactical turn-based game set in an esoteric world beyond our reality. The game will place the player in control of an army of gifted warriors, in a desperate struggle to push nightmarish creatures back and prevent reality from shattering.

What can I expect from Othercide?

Othercide will provide you a challenging gaming experience. Our game is built up around several key features:

Check out our Game Overview section for more information!

When will Othercide be released?

Othercide is currently in development but our target release is scheduled for 2019.

Can I preorder Othercide?

We decided not to propose a preorder option. However, you can add Othercide to your Steam Wishlist and subscribe to the official Othercide newsletter. We will keep you informed with news from the studio and the game.

What platforms will the game release on?

Othercide is in development for PC (Windows). You can already wishlist the game on Steam!

Why an Early Access version of Othercide?

We aim to release into EA with a fully functional and exciting survival game mode. In order to make Othercide into the best game it could be, we will rely on the feedback suggestions from players that care about our game.

How are we developing Othercide?

Othercide is being developed on Unity. You can discover all our development secrets on our development blog.

Who is behind Othercide?

We are a team of 20 passionate gamers working at Lightbulb Crew, an independent studio based in Paris. If you want to know more about us, check out our website and do not hesitate to contact us: contact@lightbulbcrew.fr

This the end of the Othercide FAQ. Thanks for your attention!