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Meet the Team: Ena Berbic, the Marketing Witch

By 14 août 2019 No Comments

There is some magic (and hard work!) happening at Lightbulb Crew... Whether it is about marketing a product or conducting data analysis, Ena Berbic is the witch able to turn all these tasks into a success!

Ena Berbic, Marketing Witch working at Lightbulb Crew

What was your career like before working as a Marketing Witch at Lightbulb Crew?

Coming from a very different position with a background in marketing of fashion and luxury, my career took a very sharp turn when I joined Lightbulb Crew. I’ve seen the real meaning of hard work, teamwork, incredible talent and persistence. I’m very lucky to be a part of such team through which I’ve seen creating video games as a very particular art. Finding the right words and the right way to market the product of hard work and incredible passion such as our upcoming game Othercide is very complex, but if video game industry has taught me something – it’s that a good product will be well appreciated by its community!

What is your main motivation about working on Othercide?

My main motivation is coming in to the office every morning and seeing how many of my colleagues put their hard work and passion in the making of Othercide. It is really a product of teamwork, impeccable artistic eye of our Art Director, positive work environment and many months of effort and hard work. There is nothing better in marketing than having a product which has several unique selling points, innovative gameplay, beautiful art and creative game design. I am thrilled to be a part of the team working on Othercide!

What challenges did you face when marketing Othercide as an indie game – i.e. before we partnered with Focus Home Interactive?

The great thing about working with Focus as our publisher is their flexibility in marketing Othercide as an indie game that it is. Their immense experience and know-how of the industry has confirmed we are on the right path with the strategy we put in place to market Othercide, and they ameliorated our indie marketing approach. I would say the hardest thing as an indie game is to find the way to speak to your audience with the limitations posed by Steam such as number of words, tags, or the back-end algorithm which decides how well and where the game will be presented on the platform. Yet, as soon as we got our tone of communication right, the wishlists started coming in and the community responded well on the preliminary visuals they saw – so thank you Steam for showing us to the right people!

What tips would you give to people entering the gaming industry without previous knowledge or experience in this sector?

I recently read a very interesting article on LinkedIn talking about the diversity of people’s experiences in a work place in any industry, and encouraging employers to hire people coming from different sectors. It is really like crossing industries and sharing experiences for everyone’s growth. My biggest advice would be to ask, ask, ask and read a lot until you understand most terms mentioned in conversations. And of course, check out what your colleagues do in their work, and ask them for good websites, articles and games to follow! There is no stupid questions if the answer helps you become better at your job!

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